My Number One
This is a candid photo, I promise

My first chapter book was Junie B. Jones by Barbara Cook. And while I never liked to read when I was little, I loved Junie B. because I thought she was hilarious. I still do. I read her books so often that I still remember the first line of every story: “My name is Junie B. Jones. The B. stands for Beatrice, but I don’t like Beatrice, I just like B. and that’s all.” After that first line, Junie B. would go on to tell her story. Perhaps it was her first day of school, or maybe she was talking about something she did or did not like, or there could have been a friend she wanted to mention- but still, her first line was always the same.

I guess Junie B’s storytelling capabilities inspired me at some point in my life because whenever someone asks me to tell my story, the first line is always the same: “My name is Emily Muller, and I am the daughter of a teacher.” My mom has been teaching Pre-K and Kindergarten for 18 years, but before that, she was a stay at home mom. She started teaching Pre-K when I started Pre-School. I eventually moved on to public school, but my mom stayed and taught at a private school. Our school holidays rarely matched, so whenever I was not in school, I was in my mother’s classroom.

Somewhere during my undergraduate career, I thought I wanted to be a teacher, but I eventually changed my mind. My Bachelor’s may be in education, but the official degree is called Interdisciplinary Studies, non-teaching. This degree means that I know everything about being a teacher, except I’m not a licensed teacher. Nope. I do not want to teach. In fact, I thought when I graduated from my undergraduate school that I was done with teaching and education forever.

Beachin' til Sunset
After school adventure with Cannon and Landry

When I got to Savannah, I started babysitting a six-year-old girl named Cannon and a two-year-old boy named Landry. They are silly, loving, and kind. They share my love of adventure, and what I call, “restless house syndrome” (meaning, we get bored if we are stuck inside for too long). Cannon reminds me so much of myself when I was her age. She can’t sit still and loves to be hands-on with everything. I started cooking with Cannon and using her as a model for my school projects. Cannon made me fall back in love with teaching.

While I may not have my teaching license, I will soon have a Master’s in Design Management, which uses design thinking to solve complex problems. Rather than running away from teaching because I hated education, I decided that I would be the one to change it. I hope you decide to follow along. A lot of my background is in education, but I still have a lot to learn (we all do), and I believe that every insight is important.

One last thing- Education is not my only passion. My passions are helping people and solving problems. What I love about being a design manager is that I get to play in a vast number of fields, in hopes to innovate and overcome existing challenges. If you are interested in learning more about what I do as a creative problem solver, please visit my Behance portfolio.