Saying goodbye to my Reds- that was hard.

I am usually ready to move on 

My personality type has always been very driven. I enjoy having a busy to-do list, and I get anxious when I stay in one place for too long.

When I was younger, I dreamed of an ambitious life- one with travel and adventure. It was no surprise when I left my small hometown in Northern Virginia and went off to Nashville, TN. The goodbye was not hard. I was ready.

After I finished my three years in Nashville, the good bye felt a little harder. There were a lot of connections that I had made and a lot of people that I was going to miss. However, leaving Nashville was something I knew I had to do. I was ready.

…. but then Savannah happened

I have been in Savannah for less than a year, but I have fallen so in love with the city that it feels like I am about to leave home. I do not think I would have felt this appreciation without the families that I have met.

My Reds are all grown up 

Little B, before she could say words.

Yesterday was my last day with my Reds, but it doesn’t feel real yet. The entire time I was with them, I couldn’t help but think about how much they have grown up. When I met B, she could barely talk; and Taylor was going through her two-year-old phase.

And now: B’s humor cracks me up. She thinks everything is hilarious and will laugh even if you put her in time out. Taylor has more wisdom than I thought a three-year-old could have, and loves to tell me all about her friends that she has met at school and how much she loves them.

When I first met the girls, they smiled and said good morning to me when I walked in the room; and now, it’s a full on sprint and embrace, before I even get through the door (full-blown excitment).

All three of us have come a long way.

The artsy-est thing I did at SCAD (analyzed a brand)

I am also “all grown up”

When I first moved here, I do not think I really knew what I was getting myself into. Art maybe? SCAD is an art school.

I have not done any art, and that is probably for the best (I am not an artist).

Instead, I have learned how to solve complex problems using design thinking (a human-centered research strategy) and learned how to love with a heart wide open, thanks to my Reds.

A different kind of goodbye

Watching the two of them run around and play, my heart swelled and I swiped away tears. I have been through so many goodbyes in the past; students come and go all the time. But my Reds changed me; they helped me grow up in ways that I didn’t even know I needed to grow up in.

Taylor and B took my world by storm, but they also gave me the peace to survive one of the hardest academic years of my life. Who knew two girls had so much power to change a life at such a young age? I guess this further proves the potential kids have if we allow them to just embrace every moment, live, and keep our own hearts open to every possibility they have to show.

Winnie the Pook

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