Taylor keeps life simple

When I moved to Savannah, I had no desire to go back into education. I had worked in childcare throughout my undergraduate career, and quite frankly, I was over it. The kids in Nashville had worn me out. But it’s not their fault; I was bound to get tired eventually with the pressure I was under at the time.

Unfortunately, I still needed a job when I got to Savannah. Avoiding childcare altogether, I worked as a host at a not child-friendly restaurant in Savannah.

I quickly learned that the restaurant lifestyle was not for me. Nope. I do not like feeling stressed, I do not like being told what to do, and I do not like being pushed to go faster than my natural pace. So I quit. But I still needed a job.

Back to childcare

Reluctantly, I joined Care.com. I did not have very high expectations. If I got a job, cool, if not… well, the likelihood of me not finding a job was very slim. The problem was that I wanted to find the right job.

Cannon’s mom, Melissa, was the first mom to reach out to me. We met, and as you may or may not know, it was love at first sight. Cannon and her brother Landry stole my heart and revitalized my passion for kids.

Feeling inspired, I looked for more job opportunities on Care.com. Cannon and Landry were enough for me, but I had a funny feeling that I could handle more excitement in my week.

Broughton and Taylor
Broughton (left) and Taylor (right)

The Reds

Lauren was the next mom to reach out to me. We met, and then quickly set a date for me to meet her kids: the Reds. The Reds are named Broughton and Taylor; but for a today, let’s just talk about Taylor.

Taylor with a marker
I looked down for one second…

All about Taylor

Taylor is a true red. She has a fire spirit that is sure to make your whole world spin.

  • She’s smart. For the first few weeks that I was babysitting her, I forgot that she was two, and instead thought that she was four.
  • She’s fast. Taylor is a girl who loves to go out and explore, but you better watch her before she runs off.
  • She knows what she wants, and she will fight you for it (not really, but you know what I mean. She’s three.)

When I first met Taylor, she was calm and gentle. Within two seconds of seeing me, she had me wrapped in a hug. There was no shyness. Like I said, Taylor is smart, fast, and knows what she wants. Before I knew what was happening, Taylor knew that we were about to embrace a life changing relationship. (Okay, maybe she didn’t think that philosophically. But she knew that she liked me and that’s enough for me to prove my point later).

As any nanny or mother of a three-year-old knows, toddlers can be a real challenge. Taylor rocks my world almost every day I am with her. There is fighting, but there is also love and adventure. Taylor will sit in time-out, but then she will jump up and give me a hug before going outside to explore; this is what I love most about Taylor. She never lets a bad moment ruin her day.

The day Taylor inspired me

On one of our crazier days together, I was a little out of it. School was stressful and my mind was in the clouds. We went about our typical routine. I took the Reds outside, despite my bad attitude. The two girls laughed and played like they usually do. The crazy day was nothing but my own problem. But remember: Taylor is smart. It did not take very long for her to notice that I was not my usual self.

Taylor and Emily
My face looks tired, because I’m tired. But she makes my heart smile big.

“Everything is going to be ohhhhhkayyyy,” she said casually before going about her playtime activities. I laughed and smiled and pulled her in for a big hug. Taylor knew what I needed without thinking too hard about it.

Taylor keeps my life both crazy and simple all at the same time. She challenges me to stay aware, pushes me to do more, but then reminds me that everything is okay. We argue, we laugh, and we love.

Lesson learned

There were challenges in Nashville that I ran away from. While this blog is not the place to talk about those challenges, it is a place to embrace the crazy and look for simple solutions (like in education). Moving to Savannah, I chose to reconnect with childcare and met the best kids who consistently inspire the simplicity of my life.

So yes, Taylor and I do have a life changing relationship- at least on my end.


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